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Anonymous asked: Dear future girlfriend



Dear future girlfriend,
Hopefully you are patient because you’re going to need to be. I’m sure you’re really pretty and probably make me laugh a lot. Hopefully you laugh at my jokes too bc that’s really important. I hope I can give my heart to you and trust you with it. It’s kind of been damaged a few times. I hope you are always honest with me because I know I will be honest with you. I hope you don’t live 1000 miles away because that just sucks. I hope you are okay with me being obsessed over Ali Krieger. I think she’s hot but I’m sure I’d choose you over her any day. I hope you’re really smart and add intelligent words to my vocabulary. I hope you are okay with me making up words because I do that a lot. I hope you know that if I made you my girlfriend it’s because I see something real with us. And lastly I hope you give our relationship your all because I know I’ll make damn sure to give it mine.

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Ashlyn Harris appreciation post 😍 cause she’s that great

My god 😍😍😍

Omg. 😍 what is life?

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